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Wermundsen Oy is a technology and food industry trading group. Wermundsen Group is composed of three companies whose main business areas include importing, manufacturing and selling technical components and equipment for retail, food industry, construction, shipbuilding and heavy industries. Each of our companies is a market leader in its own niche sector. Our main focus is customer satisfaction, technical knowledge, reliable deliveries and mutual co-operation with our customers and suppliers.

The key to our success are high quality products, fast delivery and professional staff.

We are also locally present in Russia and Estonia.

Wermundsen Oy
Turvekuja 6
00700 Helsinki

Tel: +358 29 005 550
Fax: +358 29 005 5599


Wexon is a company which is specialized in importing and selling technical components. Wexon has worked in Finland since 1974 and today our market areas include also Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. We have offices and warehouses in Finland, Russia and Estonia. Our goal is to offer high-quality products and top service and therefore we represent some of the world’s leading manufacturers in their fields.

Wexon Oy
Turvekuja 6
00700 Helsinki

Tel: +358 9 290 440
Fax: +358 9 290 441 00



Solotop is the largest scale manufacturer in Finland and a significant supplier in the retail sector. We have been producing our Crystal scale since 1975. Due to our advancement in product development and customer service we have solidified our position in the field of retail, wholesale and healthcare. We provide both solutions and equipment to the retail, food industry, logistics and health care sectors.

Solotop Oy
Turvekuja 6
00700 Helsinki

Tel: +358 10 273 7000
Fax: +358 10 273 7030



Gistele manufacturers high quality electrical systems and automation cabinets to the construction and heavy industry e.g. OEM, shipbuilding, metal and energy sectors. We also manufacture cable series and deliver a wide selection of components according to the customers needs. We focus on quality and safety and therefore every product under goes a specified control procedure before it’s delivered. We always work closely in co-operation with our customers to be able to deliver the best possible solution according to their needs.

Gistele Oy
Vajossuonkatu 14
20360 Turku

Tel: +358 2 211 4200
Fax: +358 2 211 4213